Twenty years ago I had the opportunity to fly to Hong Kong and return to Toronto with
two pandas coming to the Metro Zoo. I thought I'd see some pandas on their home turf,
so I took a bus to the Beijing Zoo. The bus fare is only about 15 cents CDN, but I ended
up standing the entire 80-minute trip. Looking at a Beijing map, it's easy to think of it
as the same size as Toronto, but everything is spread VERY far apart.
When I reached the zoo, only two pandas were out and both were asleep. One was hidden
in some bushes and the other was on its back, displaying its genitals to visitors. I waited
about 90 minutes and was rewarded with a little wander by one of the pandas, who decided
it was time for lunch.

They love bamboo, which is a reason for the old joke:
Why is a panda like a typical man?  He eats shoots and leaves!
Insert punctuation where appropriate.